Respect for the environment

De Martini dedicates great attention to the environment around us.

The Group produces alternative energy from renewable sources with the use of photovoltaic panels covering 30% of production needs.

The production cycle does not generate or release liquid or gas emissions and at the end of the production cycle no material is dumped because production waste is reused as secondary raw materials.

Our packaging is made exclusively from recyclable cardboard.

Recently a "zero impact" factory has been opened in Cerrione (Biella). The name comes from Marco De Martini managing director.
In a 3.000 mq production area, where the flat of neutral colors all around contrasts with the colourful band, painted as a marker line, this factory is born. It represents the best in prefab technology and eco-friendly design.
Thanks to innovative solutions, the building reduces to zero the use of fossil fuel and direct CO2 emissions.
This is an additional reason why the building has been recognized as the first passive building in Italy with PHI certification (Passive House Institute). That's a great goal we achieved in a very short time, only 10 months since we started working to make the factory perfectly suitable for production.