DeMartini Spa has been working in the textile industry since 1960.

In 1973, using the experience gained in processing synthetic fibres, it took up a new challenge and started to produce capillary flow-control filters used as reservoirs in writing instruments, in the field of cosmetics and in air fresheners.

Since 2008 the challenge of launching the De Martini brand on the global market has helped the partnership with the Hitkari group based in Mumbai, the partnership from which De Martini Hitkari Fine Products Pvt. Ltd was born.
For all applications that require "reservoirs" that retain all kinds of liquid and release it in a controlled manner.
From writing to medicine to
bee-keeping. Our products have become essential for all the main productive sectors.
De Martini has always worked in complete harmony with the environment.
De Martini company, based in Piemonte, world leader in capillary flow-control filters production, opened in Cerrione (Biella) the new factory that represents the best in prefab technology and eco-friendly design.
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